Stone Cleaning and Polishing Pasadena

For Your Marble, Travertine Granite, Limestone, and Other Natural Stone Cleaning
Stone Cleaning and Polishing Pasadena Call on us at the end of construction projects, to remove grout residue, or to strip waxes and heavy coatings-whatever contaminant is affecting the the surface of your natural stone. Our cleaning professionals provide excellent service and results. We take pride in applying proper industry techniques, cleaning with products specific to your stone and a special machine that scrubs and extracts the contaminants. We can clean any natural stone as well as slate, ceramic, and porcelain tile and grout.

Polishing creates a brilliant, glossy luster on the finished surface of your marble.

Over time, regular use or exposure to the elements leave your stone with scratches, stains, and etches. Honing will remove these marks from the surface and create a newly uniform finish.

Honing with Diamond Abrasives
This state of the art approach to honing uses diamond abrasive pads and water to remove the scratches, stains, and etches from your natural stone and return its surface to a uniform finish.

Uneven Stones and Stone Repair
To even out stone tiles with lippage, we finely grind the surface until it is uniform. For pitted, chipped, or cracked stones, we fill a resin material into the damaged areas. For stain removal of stubborn stains deeply set into the stone, we can apply a specific poultice mixture to extract stains from oil, grease, rust, water, and wine. If the stone is scratched, we polish or spot-sand the damaged areas.

To protect certain natural stones from water, dirt, oils, and grease, we can apply a sealer to protect without affecting the natural color, appearance, or texture of the stone. We use the highest quality sealants and will only treat stones that can safely be sealed.

Sealing with Color and Gloss Enhancement
To deepen the natural color of your stone and add a protective barrier (resistant to water, dirt, oils, and grease), we can apply a color enhancing sealer. Also, if you wish to add a sheen to the surface of your stone, we can treat it with a gloss enhancing sealer.

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