Flooded home in Pasadena ca

The end  of the day was almost here, then when we get a call for a flood due to a diswasher.  The plumber was already on the scene fixing the dishwasher when we arrived.

Unfortunately for the home owner its a duplex and water traveled to the second unit.  We first extracted all the water out the front unit, then the back unit.  Where the water had penetrated the walls we had to remove baseboards and drill holes for air circulation.  Luckily there was no carpet all tile the homeowner was really happy that the water was fresh water also.

After  taking some moisture readings its time to set up the dehumidifiers and blowers to start drying these units.  All parties were explained about all the procedures and how the equipment works, also that we will be back everyday to monitor the drying and equipment.  You just never know when something so devastating can happen to you so check to make sure are you homeowners out there that you have flood insurance.