Carpet Cleaning Monrovia

Carpet Cleaning Monrovia CAA telephone book or website search reveals many companies that provide carpet cleaning Monrovia residents can use. How many of these companies are local? Better yet, how many are owned and operated by a local family? We are and we consider ourselves the best. Our customers will tell you about our effective equipment and excellent service.

They will tell you that our equipment appears to be mounted to a truck, which it is. They will also tell you that the cleaning process is different from what competitors use. We perform heavy extraction, which features high temperatures and very powerful suction. This cleans deeply and leaves carpet fibers fresh, sanitary, and almost dry. Our customers never see soap residue in their clean carpets.

Monrovia Carpet CleaningAnother thing our customers will tell you is that we actually care about their homes. We protect areas that come in contact with our equipment. Your walls and baseboards will not be scratched or nicked and wall corners will remain intact. Other than clean carpets, there will be no evidence that we were in your home.

Our customers who own pets will have something more to tell you. They will explain how we were able to remove difficult pet odors and stains when their efforts were unsuccessful. This alone gives them reason to call us the next time they need carpet cleaning. Of course, since their pets cannot find the original accident spot, we will probably be cleaning a new area!

Deal with our local, family owned business and you will not want to deal with anyone else. Our expertise shows and we place a high priority on customer service. We use equipment that will keep your carpets cleaner longer and we get out tough stains when you cannot. If your carpets are looking dingy, call us to breathe new life into them!